Shannon’s clausura one

yes…I have developed a reputation for being quite the camera man…but with good reason too.

For my talents, Shannon enlisted me to come down to San Marcos to get some footage of her end of the summer school fiesta sort of event. I obliged and ended up having a great time. The Clausura also had some great performances by her students that I thought would be great for everyone at home to see. The performances are of traditional dances from Peru along with some very Peruvian traditions…minus a very interesting Jazzercise-esque number (I’m still puzzled).


Shannon’s clausura one


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One response to “Shannon’s clausura one

  1. Gretchen

    I’m here to leave you a little less puzzled.

    I think the kids in blue and white doing richard simmon moves got their choreography from nazi war propaganda films where they all marched and did their moves as a group in the middle of the town square! That’s what they reminded me of anyway!

    ok maybe that will leave you more puzzled!

    ps my favorite parts were when you referred to shannon as maria von trapp and when you narrated the kid playing the flag pole!

    Miss you!

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