The trujillo music video one

Who doesn’t love a good music video?

I had approval to spend a couple of days up north in the historical and very liberal city of trujillo after a very rough month of February. Getting the chance to reconnect with some of my fellow Peru 12-ers in my training group (even before reconnect) was so therapeudic. We ended up having a great time just disfrutar-ing the beach, eating some good sea food and seeing what the old city of Trujillo had to check out. It’s so interesting to go visit another department’s capital city after having spent three months in site/only in Ancash. La Libertad was like another world compared to what we’re used to here in the mountains. There we people actually dressed like you might see someone in California (boardshorts and all). There was a starbucks…yes a starbucks. I mean, it’s just hard for me to believe that just one department away there can be such start differences in culture. Peru is good for that.

The creativity certainly wasn’t lacking on this one…

trujillo music vid


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  1. clarelj

    I need more of you crawling on the beach! Hope the move went well. Let me know if you need/want anything and did your address change for mail?

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