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All the Peru 12-ers just returned from a three day conference in Pacasmayo…an event meant to serve as an opportunity for reflecting and reuniting with your training class. It was a very loaded couple of days with some unfortunate happenings at the beginning which negatively affected the rest of the conference.

On the first night, there were to incidents of robbery. One was a group of four volunteers walking back to the hostel. The second was with two volunteers, a guy and a girl..the guy happened to have all my possessions because I thought it would be responsible to leave them with him while I wadded in the ocean with a couple of other peace corps volunteers. They are all held at knife point and were pretty tramatically affected by the violent acts of theft.

My heart goes out to those physically affected by the incidents. My things were taken in the second incident which left me in abit of a funk, but in the end, it’s just stuff…trying to get things replaced will just be a bit of a process. I wanted to give you all the heads up that the production of videos might be on hold for a little while seeing as the video camera was in my bag that was robbed. Maybe I’ll get a collection going to get it replaced so that my andean mountain film productions can commence once again, sooner than later.

I guess it just goes to show you… you can be responsible and do everything right, but still things can go wrong. And now back to Conchucos to develop my new site. I should be settling in and actually be making my home a home for the remainder of my service with in the next two weeks.

That’s all for now…miss you all…




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3 responses to “Update

  1. Franceen Fuger Dila

    Tyler: Hello you brave one!!! So sorry to read about your misadventure while “reconnect” What with James injuring his toe the day before and your friends being held at knife point….this makes quite the adventure—thank the higher spirits that no one was injured. Just continue to be careful as one never knows what evil lurks behind..in the Andes… It was a great pleasure to meet you and to get to know you a little bit while I was in Huaraz and I look forward to another such time with you and your group soon. Franceen

  2. Franceen Fuger Dila

    Tyler: Hello your brave one

  3. Drew

    Hey Tyler.
    Hope all is well in Chavin and rainy season is ending. My wife actually found the blog about your time in Conchucos. We were actually Peru 4 volunteers in Chavin and San Marcos [my wife (girlfriend at the time) actually lived up by Huari for part of her time before moving to San Marcos]. Anyhow. I hope you are getting adjusted to life in Chavin. If you have any questions about Chavin, feel free to shoot me an email. My wife and I know the valley up and down, so if you have any other questions about the area, just email me. I lived with the Rosemberg family the entire time I was there. They run Cafeteria Renato in the Chavin plaza. You should introduce yourself to them – they would probably be a good resource if you had a question about something.

    Drew Lewis

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