just rollin’ along

Hey guys…so sorry the blog/vlog has been a bit neglected as of late but with reasonable cause I assure you… I have been going through some rough stuff getting situated in my new site (dealing with getting a new home [which i now finally have!], complying with peace corps’ requirement to live with a family and reajusting to a new family at that…etc). I am hopeful that I’m headed in the right direction though and things will really start taking form soon here.

I also will hopefully be getting a new camera here soon to continue with my videos…which I have honestly been lost here in Peru with out. It sounds strange, but that was like my creative outlet…my way to express my experience here and I feel pretty lost with out that vice…so soon I hope!

quick note.

couple of days ago, I was with shannon. We saw a young girl with a cheap little backpack in san marcos. The backpack had a high school musical theme. plastered across the front was dreamy zac efron’s face. Do you think zac efron has any clue that he is reaching little children in the third world with his franchise?… just something to think about…

thinking about you all and missing home fiercely.




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5 responses to “just rollin’ along

  1. Lil' Ryan

    Hey.. ran across your blog. About the family thing.. I don’t have a family here in Piura. I kinda live in a bachelor pad right now… but I’m definitely wanting that family aspect now. I know it sucks to get integrated with them and deal with all the issues of changing for them and them change for you, but overall its a good support system and plus it probably makes us more tolerable people! I hope you’re doing well man, and good luck w/ the camera thing!

  2. Sara

    Yo, I hope you have a great family and room, no rats, no fleas, good food (i.e. more than rice and potatoes)!


  3. Claire

    Tyler!!! All of us in the PE family miss you so so so much! I’m so sorry to hear about the camera and everything that happened to your friends, but just remember we’re all so happy to hear about your adventures good and bad, and it’s so nice to keep in touch with you like this. I tell alllll of my friends who are applying for the peace corps about your amazing blog. TONS AND TONS OF LOVE – Claire

  4. Sarah

    zac efron is so dreamy. i think he is a robot invented by the government and tested in crappy movies to see if we will still watch the crappy movies and smile and daydream.

  5. Hi Tyler, Got a new computer, so I could go into your bloggs. Wow, I could spend a whole day looking and reading at what you have been doing and seeing the past several months. I’m glad you have moved down the mountain. I was worried about you in those primitive living conditions. I could send you some more cookies, if your address is the same. Take care and God Bless You.
    Grandma S, and Grandpa too.

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