so…i’m out of the dark ages and finally a skyper!

yep…i’m finally a skyper! Weird to think i never really jumped on this banwagon, but hey add me as a contact and we can chat directly for free…what’s not to dig about that!?

my username is: tyler.d.brown

Also here’s my address cuz people have actually wanted to send me stuff…which you know I love that idea. (despite what people may have thought, my address DIDN’T change from what it was before…still have to come into Huaraz to pick up my mail.)

PCV Tyler Brown

Casilla Postal No. 277
Serpost Huaraz
Ancash, Peru

So that’s some good info for now…love staying in contact with you guys and really appreciate all the support from everyone these last couple of months. The big video comeback will be soon…so stay tuned!





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2 responses to “so…i’m out of the dark ages and finally a skyper!

  1. katie brown

    i’m looking into the peace corps and your blog and especially your videos have been SERIOUSLY cool helpful and interesting!
    pregunta: did you study spanish before going to peru? i already speak spanish fairly fluently and am wondering if that will mean that i will be placed in a spanish speaking country…

  2. I have a new computer and can log in on your blogs and videos. It’s very interesting to keep up with what you are doing. Keep them coming. Will send some cookies soon.

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