The Santa Cruz Adventure one

Well hello there. . . 😉

This video is one that I’m super proud of not only because I finally figured out how to get this new HD camera uploading to youtube but also because it’s just really damn good.

The volunteers in the department of Ancash were invited by one of the tourist organizations in the Huaylas Valley where two of the PC volunteers live (erica and callie) to par take in a clean up of one fo the most famous treks with in Ancash. The Santa Cruz trek usually takes about 4 days for “normal” tourists…we bad-ass volunteers did it in 1.5 days! …all the while picking up trash and helping to make the environment that much better for this upcoming season.

I always think it’s important to have the opportunity to cross over to help and participate with other PC programs, in this case the environment program. We’re all in it together after all.

This video is just a great little clip of how even when getting together to work on a project as large as cleaning up one of the most famous treks in Peru, our group of Ancash voulnteers can still have an all out blast while doing so.

This one is for you guys…you keep me going!


The Santa Cruz Adventure one


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