Can you seriously believe that TYLER BROWN is living in the mountains of Peru!? I’m a real mountain man…with beard and all! This blog is to keep everyone out there up to speed on my low speed life up in the Andes of Peru in the department of Ancash. I will be living in a very small village called Chucos (400 ppl!) for two years aiding with the development of community health promotion and working with their health post.

I’m really excited about this opportunity to share my completely differently life here with you all in the form of videos and movies that I’m making to give a much more entertaining and “real” portrayal of how things are going.

Comment! Check back! …and definitely leave some love! I’m doing this for you all out there!!! …and for youtube fame.

your unassuming Peruvian mountain man,



7 responses to “About

  1. Alberto Romeu

    Hello Tyler, I’m Alberto, Claudia’s cousin, you know, primo, hehehe. Love you’re blog. I can’t stop laughing. Keep up the good work!

  2. Kara K


    I have been thinking about the Peace Corps and found all these blogs. Your’s is definitely the most entertaining!! I will be checking in regularly to see what you are up to and how things are going. What a great way to document your experience and share it with others. THANKS!!

    Kara in Idaho!

  3. Joanna

    Tyler–I stumbled on your blog b/c I’m actually looking to do my second tour in the PC and thought hey, quizas Peru, verdad? Your videos are hilarious and sure to win you PC fame, no doubt.

  4. Kara K


    I love your blog. Very entertaining. I have been thinking about joining PC and your blog makes me more excited and intrigued!! I will keep checking in to see what you are up to.

    Kara in Idaho

  5. Just found your site and since we used to live in Peru—I had to have a look.

    We did a lot of trekking in that area and boy seeing the videos make me home sick for Peru. Viva Peru!

  6. Hope

    Hi Tyler!

    I’m currently a PC nominee for Central/South America, and as I was browsing PC blogs, came across your great videos. I appreciate them because they show a real quality that many of these videos do not. Keep the creative juices flowing, you’re reaching out to more people here than you realize!

    Buenas suerte!

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